DCB Pop-Up Event Inquiry

DCB Pop-Up Event Inquiry

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Book a private pop-up event with our mobile boutique!! 

You can either add this "item" to your cart and checkout or email us at doylecreekboutique@gmail.com to let us know that you are interested in hosting a pop-up event.


+ what is a pop-up event?

- a pop-up event is when we bring Doyle Creek Boutique to you. we will bring our mobile trailer to your location and let your group privately shop.

+ when should I host a Doyle Creek Boutique private pop-up?

- anytime!! have us come for your next girls night, office party, community event, or fundraiser.

+ how much does it cost?

- there is a $100 deposit for booking the event and a $1.75/mile fee to cover gas expenses.

+ what information do you need to know before I can book?

- once we receive the notification that you are interested in booking a pop-up, you will receive an email with questions about your event. we will need to know where the location is, how long you would like us to be there, and approximately how many people will be in attendance. once we know that information, we can start planning the details.